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Why we do what we do

We live in a fast-paced, digitalised world. We spend 87% of our time indoors. The buildings we spend our time in change continuously, which unconsciously affects our health. There are at least four major connections between health, productivity and the indoor environmental quality. The effects on health not only include the direct impact on performance (1), but also infectious disease (2), allergies and asthma (3) and acute sick building symptoms (4). Sick building syndrome can cause serious damage to our health over time. Therefore it is our purpose to create healthy indoor environments.


The environment and user expieriences with our app & sensors.


Using our dashboard to show the sunken costs of indoor air quality.


Solve environmental problems to increase performance and engagement.

Our A-Team

Working hard to get you the best working conditions

Clairify Felix van den Horst

Felix van den Horst


Clairify Sayra Ranjha

Sayra Ranjha

Software Engineering

Clairify Tibor Casteleijn

Tibor Casteleijn

Product Development

Clairify Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling

Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling

Software Engineering

Board of advisors

The ambassadors that support us in our mission for healthy work environments

Clairify Board of Advisors Nick Reineman

Nick Reineman

Startup Boot | Subsidies

Clairify Board of Advisors Erik van Putten

Erik van Putten

Koninklijke Tichelaar | Strategy

Clairify Board of Advisors Tommaso Gritti

Tommaso Gritti

BrainCreators | AI

Clairify Board of Advisors Frank Bakker

Frank Bakker

GCP | Real Estate Investments

Clairify Board of Advisors Hein-Willem Blokland

Hein-Willem Blokland

NLMTD | Circular Economy

Clairify Board of Advisors Jan Rijk Vonk

Jan Rijk Vonk

KPN | IoT 5g Pioneer


Who know the importance of healthy indoor environments

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