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The power of purpose.

The power of purpose.

Written by Felix van den Horst | 17th May, 2019

It is one week since the opening of The Next Web 2019. As part of TNW & Accenture’s T500 Felix van den Horst, one of the co-founders, went to TNW to represent Clairify.

Thoughtfully I sat down. This has been my first attendance of The Next Web as well as being part of the T500. From a startup perspective, it has been a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with industry leaders, innovative companies and clever tech-heads. The days contained networking events, round table sessions, and inspiring talks. Instead of dedicating a blog of 10 pages to discuss every talk I have visited, I have chosen to focus on one talk in specific which has made a great impact on me personally.

Sitting on the front row, Emanuele Madeddu (Executive VP & Global Brand Strategy at National Geography) gave a very inspiring talk about what makes a brand. According to his vision, brands should fit consumer needs with a purpose as well as world needs, such as the UN SDGs. Building a sense of belonging is crucial to make an impact and encourage customer engagement. This is one of the success factors for National Geographic being the #1 brand on Instagram.

Emanuele encouraged impact innovation which not only exceeds the domain of profit but also takes the external effects of our behaviour into account. He expressed the urgency in which National Geographic is trying to create awareness about our impact. For example, the campaign #PlanetORPlastic led to a shockwave on social media. Consequently, it got politicians talking about alternatives to plastic usage and how to combat the waste through new legislation. Assisted by strong visualizations the audience felt completely silent.

The company’s values of People, Planet, Profit align with Clairify’s vision on creating impact and can even be found in our company name. The name Clairify is build up from three components: clarification, clean(ing up) and air.

The brands of tomorrow focus on creating cross-dimensional change. We improve health, wellbeing and productivity of people by optimizing indoor air quality through smart technologies. The feeling of belonging, thoughtful change and optimism thrived at the conference. With that said, I thank you for reading our first blog. We look forward to participating in the TNW next year. Oh and… a little bit informal, but I encourage you to think about how you would make a sustainable impact.

Feel free to connect with us to talk further about sustainable impact.

*Picture credit: Jan-Willem Nes


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