Ensure a safe return to campus and save 64% on maintenance hours

In late 2020, CBRE GWS approached Clairify with the goal of gaining control over the air quality in its buildings and ensuring building occupants a safe return to campus.

With no insight into ventilation and climate performance prior to starting the project, CBRE GWS accomplished to:

  • Offer a safe space for their occupants,
  • Validate the thermal comfort complaints on campus,
  • Execute targeted solutions for existing indoor air quality problems, and
  • Achieve a record operational efficiency, saving 64% of maintenance hours.

Learn how CBRE GWS used Clairify 365 to generate real-time insight into building performance and create healthier workspaces for their clients.

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More about CBRE GWS

CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. During COVID, the request for healthier buildings became urgent to one of CBRE's global corporate clients as part of the return to the office strategy.
  • Industry: Real Estate. 
  • Square meters: 46.000.
  • Company size: 10.000+ employees.
  • Goals
    • Ensure a safe return to campus, 
    • Provide a comfortable and healthy workspace to employees,
    • Get control and create visibility in indoor air quality, climate, and ventilation performance,
    • Centralize air quality information from multiple campus buildings on a single platform.
  • There was no data to ensure that the return to the office was safe,
  • The available data about the building(s) was scattered out,
  • There was no clear insight into the ventilation systems or indoor air quality, 
  • There was only limited knowledge about the building(s) usage, and  
  • It was unknown where the pitfalls were in the set points of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling) systems.  

Finding the right solution

In order to ensure a safe return to campus and gain insight into the current situation in the building, CBRE GWS' then Senior Facility Manager started searching for property technology that would fit their requirements. 

While looking for potential IAQ solution providers, the then Senior Facility Manager quickly identified several established juggernauts in building automation. Nonetheless, a number of barriers were also rapidly recognized: 

  • The offered solutions required BacNet or Modbus to connect,  
  • The available solutions came with pricy cabling and installation fees, 
  • The larger corporations aimed to create lock-in solutions to their ecosystem,  
  • There was little or non-existent customer contact and guidance.  

What CBRE GWS needed was a fast, adaptive solution to scale without hick-ups and grow with him and the long-term goals of the company. That is when multiple people recommended contacting Clairify.