Dutch Municipality* 

Solving hidden Indoor Air Quality issues

Are you concerned about the indoor air quality in your building or struggling to understand the sources of indoor air quality complaints in your workplace?

A Dutch municipality was too until they used Clairify's air quality audit. Our detailed report identified specific issues such as unbalanced humidity and ventilation problems in 50 locations throughout the building.

Download our success story to read the full process and learn how the municipality managed to: 

  • Create healthier and more comfortable working spaces across 50 rooms,
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the sources of complaints,
  • Obtain updated data for their Risk Inventory and Evaluation

*As this is a government office, the client's name must remain anonymous. 

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More about the Dutch municipality

The municipality building is very striking for its unique shape. However, the beauty of the building was costing the comfort and health of its employees. 
The total of 260 employees is represented by the municipality's workers council, who had begun to notice an increase in complaints regarding the building's indoor air quality.
  • Industry: Governmental. 
  • Square meters: 14.100.
  • Goals
    • Provide a comfortable and healthy workspace to employees, 
    • Validate complaints and find sources of these complaints, 
    • Provide clear reports to reassure the workers' council.
  • The rising thermal comfort and air quality complaints; 
  • The effect of indoor air quality on virus spread, as it was during the pandemic; 
  • Using outdated data (the last report was 8 years old) for the new Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E), used to assess risks to the health and safety of their employees. 

Finding the right solution

In order to validate the complaints and update the risks associated with thermal comfort and indoor air quality, the Dutch Municipality decided to engage a third party. This party was required to: 

  • Be an objective external company with no prior relation to the government or the workers' council;
  • Be knowledgeable in the field of comfort and air quality measurements; 
  • Handle the complete process: from the selection of measurement locations to measuring, analyzing and reporting; 
  • Provide clear insights into the sources and locations of the complaints, as well as the health risks of the measured indoor air quality; 
  • Advise how to reduce complaints and mitigate risks to create a comfortable and healthy workspace.