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Visualize everything that is happening in your building in a single dashboard. Quick insights combined with the easiest sensor management tool you will ever use.

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Our dashboard at a glance

Easy to understand

Immidiate insight in the air quality data with easy to read colour graded thressholds.

Easy to manage

Directly access and manage sensors using the Bluetooth or barcode scanner in the app.


A passwordless login using magic links that get sent via email. All data I stored in The Netherlands.


Get the most out of your data

  • Save on energy costs

  • Increase productivity

  • Identify health risks

  • Create trust

  • Connect it all up

Save cost

Save on energy costs

Monitoring the temperature allows you to offer tenants a comfortable work environment while also saving on energy costs.  With temperature monitoring, you can identify the times and locations using unnecessary heating, and turn it off while not in use. 

Increase productivity

CO2 measuring

An average company loses €6,000 in turnover per employee per year due to a poor indoor climate because cognitive capacity can be halved (Harvard, 2017). With CO2 monitoring, users can identify at which times certain rooms need to be more ventilated.

Healthy at the office

Monitor TVOCs and particulate matter

Although the air in your office smells and feels clean, there are many pollutants in the air that are not identifiable by the human eye. Whether it is pollen, dust or irritative gases, with TVOCs and particulate matter monitoring the user can identify health risks and take mitigating actions in real-time.

Public spaces display

Display your data in public spaces

Our live dashboard offers real-time information. There is no better way to increase the assurance and confidence of the tenants in your building than showing them second by second what is happening in their workspaces.

Improve the tenant experience

Create one unified solution 

Our API enables simple third-party integration and allows you to use existing applications in a quick and easy way. For example, optimize the building with building management systems or integrate the dashboard with the available tenant experience app.


Discover the details

What events can I detect with the dashboard?

You can detect a number of events. Some examples are: 
  • Peaks in CO2 at which you need to ventilate more,
  • Heating or cooling at unnecessary moments,
  • Non-functioning HVAC systems (spaces that should be ventilated / heated/cooled but are not or not sufficient),
  • Spaces that are too dusty, or
  • Filters that need replacement.

Can I integrate the dashboard with other systems?

Yes, you can connect any other system, such as tenant apps, to Clairify with the Clairify API (link to We also support publishing live measurements to third-party MQTT servers, or to HTTP destinations with a Webhook.

Can I adjust the thresholds in the dashboard?/

By default, we have set healthy thresholds for temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC and particulate matter based on scientific research. If you wish, you can adjust the thresholds per location or per zone (group of locations).


Can I set alerts?

For sure! You can set alerts based on thresholds and (re-)occurring events like CO2 peaks. Receive alerts directly by email or set up another destination so you can take action when something is out of the ordinary.


How can I move my sensor to another location?

We've built our sensors and dashboard with flexibility in mind. All collected data that is linked to both the device and a location of your choice. If you move the sensor to a new location, simply indicate at which date and time you have moved the sensor, and you're good to go. 

Check the instructions to get more details on this.


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